In addition to clinical and forensic practice and consultation, writing is a significant part of Dr. Judge’s professional activities. She has edited two books and her writing has been published in peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters.


Dr. Judge has a second book under contact with Oxford University Press on family-based interventions for high conflict divorce and parental alienation (co-editor, Dr. Robin Deutsch; to be published in 2016).

Select publications include the following:

  • Bailey, R., Lippert, J., Judge, A.M., Bailey, E., Psaila, C., Dickel, J. The Transitioning Families reunification model in non-familial abductions. In press, Family Court Review.
  • Judge, A.M. & Graw Leary, M. (2014). From the streets to cyberspace: The effects of technology on the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the United States. In F.M. Saleh, A. Grudzinskas & A.M. Judge (Eds.), Adolescent Sexual Behavior in the Digital Age: Considerations for Clinicians, Legal Professionals and Educators. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Judge, A.M., Saleh, F.M. (2013). “Sexting,” cybersex and Internet use: The relationship between adolescent sexual behavior and electronic technologies. In R. Rosner (Ed.), Clinical Handbook of Adolescent Addiction. New York: Wiley.
  • Judge, A.M. (2012). “Sexting” among U.S. adolescents: Clinical and legal perspectives. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 20 (2): 86-96.
  • Judge, A.M., Estroff, S.E., Penn, D.L., Perkins, D.O. (2008). Recognizing and responding to early psychosis: A qualitative analysis of individual narratives. Psychiatric Services, 59 (1): 96-99.
  • Thomas, J.J., Judge, A.M., Brownell, K.D., Vartanian, L.R. (2006). Evaluating the effects of eating disorder memoirs on readers’ eating attitudes and behaviors. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 39: 418-425.